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Ocean 98's Name That Drink Contest

You have a chance to win an incredible prize in Ocean 98's Name That Drink Contest! Create a drink using Seacrets Spiced Rum, Seacrets Coconut Rum, or Seacrets Blood Orange Vodka and send the recipe to drink@Seacrets.com.
Your recipe will be made to your specific instructions and then sampled by a panel of judges. The top 5 drinks will be invited to come to Seacrets: Jamaica USA on October 29th for a LIVE taste testing during the LIVE LIXX SHOW on Ocean 98 where Leighton Moore, himself, will be judging the Top 5 and deciding the winner.

The winner will get over $1000 in CA$H & PRIZES! 

The winner will have the naming rights to the drink and it will appear on the Seacrets menu. The winner will also be immortalized on a wall at Seacrets with their picture painted by Kathy Denk.

Enter your drink by 2 p.m. on October 18, 2015! 

Good luck from Ocean 98 and Seacrets!