Wednesday, April 26, 2017 |
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Ocean 98 Madness

It's Tourney Time here at Ocean 98! Fill out your Tournament Challenge bracket starting March 12, 2017 through tip off of the first game of the second round (March 16, 2017), for a chance to win the ULTIMATE OCEAN CITY GETAWAY from Ocean 98.1 WOCM! Then, watch the Men's NCAA College Basketball Championship Game on Monday, April 3, 2017 to see if you’re a winner!
If you participated last year, then sign in to ESPN Fantasy and rejoin Ocean98Madness! If you are new to the Ocean 98 Bracket Challenge, click the link below!
The ESPN 2017 bracket via the link below is the ONLY Bracket OCEAN 98 WOCM will be using for the 2017 contest.  No other brackets that may have been activated in the past will be recognized.  

Click here to Register!